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Image conversion is a process of transforming one image file format to another. The process involves modifying a digital data in accordance to standardized rules describing the internal structure of well-known image formats.

There are two types of digital images, raster and vector. Unlike to raster formats, which describe individual pixels, vector formats store information about geometrical shapes. Raster images can be compressed and uncompressed. In its turn, compressed images are generated by either lossy or lossless algorithm. Lossy algorithm provides the best compression ratio, while lossless preserves the original information and ensures the image quality. Before displaying on a screen, images are rasterized, e.g. transformed into grid of pixels.

With ResizePixel's free online photo converter you can convert a photo from/to PNG, JPG, TIFF, WEBP, BMP or GIF without installing any additional software. If you need specific converters, then try convert JPG to PNG, JPG to WEBP, PNG to JPG, PNG to WEBP, WEBP to JPG, WEBP to PNG. Provide us with the photo, and we will do the rest for you!

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  • Once uploaded, select a target format.
  • Click Convert, and go to download page to get the result file.

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